More Learning for Ideal Teaching


Trust :-

Kumaran Ashram Medical Trust having the Chairman Tmt. V. Saratha and two Trustees namely Dr. V. Sundar, M.D,M.R.C.P and Dr. V. Rajaramalingam, M.D,(PED) was Registered at T.Nagar, Chennai. Sub-Registrar office on 22.01.1993. under Registration No: 31/1993

SRC - NCTE Approval :-

SRC -NCTE had approved and permitted to commence Teacher Training Institute with an intake of 50 students under the style and name of Kumaran Ashram Medical Trust Teacher Training Institute asper its proceedings of F.TN.954.SRO.NCTE 2004-2005 6688, Code: APS00967, Date: 01.09.2004.

Further SRC-NCTE had also permitted for an additional intake of 50 students asper its proceedings of F.SRO/NCTE/54/TN-A1/ 2005-06/2738, Date: 03.09.2005.

Tamilnadu Govt's Permission :-

Asper the conditions mentioned in the SRC-NCTE proceedings above cited we obtained permission from the Director of Teacher Education Research and Training, Chennai - 6 asper the proceedings in Rc. No : 1248/C1/2005, Date : 03.03.2005 and Rc. No : 1238/C1/2005, Date : 28.10.2005 respectively.

Library :-

There are two libraries. One B.Ed., College Library. Another Kumaran Ashram Medical Trust Teacher Training Institute library.

3,600 Books are available in B.Ed., College Library. Which include more valuable and important Books. 2000 Books are available at Teacher Training Institute library.